Press and Media Location, Location, Location!

The team have extensive TV and film experience, having been involved in projects for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, YouTube and Netflix.

As experienced instructors we can provide tuition to enable actors, stunt doubles or presenters to run with our own teams of siberian huskies and other various breeds of sled dogs.

The dogs are fully insured and risk assessments can be provided if required.

Our own team of international athletes from the world of sled dog sport are available for interviews and appearances.

Dog welfare and safety is paramount and we are mindful that all projects should reflect the well being of our dogs. 


Marrying Mum and Dad  

In February 2015 we were approached to assist in filming for a children's television program in which the children organise their own parents wedding.

Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track 

Kate Humble interviews Gareth for her BBC One Wales series "Off the Beaten Track". A fantastic insight to Gareth's life with his dogs.

The Crown - Season 2

The Crown is a big budget biographical drama television series by Netflix. UK9 team members were asked to film alongside english actor Matt Smith as the Duke of Edinburgh as he explored Antarctica in his 1957 tour.

Canine TV

UK9 Team members, Jamie and Jenn, bumped into Ashleigh Butler and Anthony Clarke at a Starbucks on their way home from one of our kids camps. And were asked to take part in their new web series Canine TV

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Filming Location

With the addition of artificial snow the UK9 Dog sport centre in Leicestershire can provide the perfect, authentic backdrop for any dog sledding scene.

A combination of forest trails, a dense canopy of firs and a base camp complete with open fire.

The site is easily accessible from the A42 and can cater for large vehicles.

Please be aware that because the trails are in a forest, we must insist snow is ecologically friendly and biodegradable.