Terms And Conditions

All participants must agree to the following Disclaimer before entering any UK9 Event

I hereby confirm that I understand my dogs behaviour and actions are my responsibility and I agree to keep my dog secure at all times.

I shall not in any way hold UK9 Dog Sports Centre, assistants or helpers responsible for injury or damage to my dogs, helpers, my equipment or myself and family for the loss or damage to property, however this may arise.

I declare that my dogs are participating will not be knowingly exposed to any contagious disease during the three weeks prior to this event and I will not attend if they incur such risks.

Dogs participating must be over the age of 12 months and be fit and healthy.

If you have bitches in season please inform us and we can ensure that we place you accordingly.

UK9 support the yellow dog campaign and ask that reactive or sensitive dogs wear a yellow ribbon and you inform us prior to training of any issues.

All dog’s mess needs to be cleaned up, anyone acting inappropriately will be asked to leave.

Full payment is required at time of booking.

All payments are NON refundable.

We recommend bringing your own helmet (cycling, snowboard, etc), but do have some if required as Helmets MUST be worn for all wheeled activities.

Also bikes are required for bike skills, If you own a rig and scooter please bring these also.