Can I buy Insurance from You?

NO! No you cant.

If we are going to enjoy our time together, let's get this cleared up right from the start. UK9 Dog Sports Club is not an Insurance broker or reseller. We are a dog sports club. You can, however, join our club and make use of our club insurance policy.

Club, Centre, Whats the difference?

UK9 Dog Sports Centre is a private business separate to the club. The Centre offers adult and junior training camps for all levels of experience. The club is a non profit organisation that is strongly backed by the centre and vice versa.

I have registered for membership, but I can't log in

When you signed up, you will have recieved an email from the website asking you to click a link to verify that your email address is real. You're gunna have to do this before we let you in...

Is my data secure?

When you sign up to UK9 you submit an awful lot of private data across the internet. So its understandable that you may be concerened with the security of your stuff.

In the first instance, sending data from your computer to the server that the site is hosted on goes through an encrypted SSL certificate (check for the little padlock in your address bar). This means that while your date of birth is travelling through all those wires, if someone was to intercept it they would need to be able to unencrypt it to get anything useful. This is a nice little touch that a lot of websites overlook, but since we know what we are doing and an SSL certificate is completley free.. we thought we would shove it in. Your data is then stored on our web server (and only ever accessed by ourselves via the aforementioned SSL encryption for administrative purposes) Data stored on our server is subject to our Data Protection policy in the UK9 Documents page

I was a member of UK9 before it went online, do I still have to register?

Yes, online registration helps us to better manage our membership. Once you have put your details online you will be able to renew without entering it all again next year.

I already have insurance through another club, can I join without insurance and will it be cheaper?

Yes, you can join without insurance as it is just one of the membership benefits for those who require it. Insurance is included in our standard and enhanced membership options.

If you are already covered by another insurance policy, to avoid your policy becoming void you should instead become a Basic Member.

Basic membership includes all of the other membership benefits but simply opts you out of the clubs liability insurance and as such there is no discount on membership fee.

I cant find my insurance documents online

Log in to the site then go to UK9 Club => Membership => Insurance Certificate


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