When the going gets tough……the UK9 Kids get going

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SDAS Sherwood October 2018

Last weekend saw the opening SDAS race of the season. Sherwood Forest came alive to the sounds of dogs howling and teams came from far and wide to compete for the honours. 

UK9 fielded a strong group with a fair few medals as well, but podiums aside a big shout out to Dan Wagstaff who successfully made the step up from 4 to 6 dog class, with two clear runs both days and Steve Burgess getting stuck in for his first event in 2 dog rig and finishing in a respectable 3rd place. Seasoned locals Scott Bell and Ben, both had great runs picking up first and 2nd respectively and Donna Bell placing 9th. With the adults done and dusted time for the important results…..the kids.

The trail ended up being longer than normal and this was a big hurdle for most, especially when you’re 8 and have little legs. However UK9 kids are made of tough stuff and with steely eyed determination and a few grumbles they pushed on and after around some 30 minutes of running finally made it across the line. SDAS were hugely apologetic about the trail mix up and gave the youngsters extra special awards for their efforts. Everyone makes mistakes it’s how their dealt with that makes the difference. Big cudos to SDAS for making those kids feel their efforts were worth it and no doubt in a few years it’ll be an exagerated story to tell at kids camp when Bella and Jacob ran like a thousand miles at the Sherwood race. Kyran, Cody, Logan, Bella and Jacob you guys did awesome and sleddog sports is looking pretty healthy for the future
Well done everyone, but enough from me. This weeks race report comes courtesy of 11 yr old Logan Bell……

Day One:

Saturday morning we had to wake up at 5:30am to leave by 6:00am to travel to Sherwood forest luckily close to home. When we left home there was a chill in the air perfect for dog racing. We arrived ready for the 7:30am mushers meeting. The first team was out at 8:00am and that was the dr8nb class. My start time was 11:43:30am. I spent the morning playing with friends who we hadn't seen for while. At 11.25am i started to prepare my self for my race by warming up and getting into my race kit and putting on my race number. Today is my first race with Lily i was lucky Ben and Kerri let me run with her and they even got her ready by harnessing her up and giving her small drink of water.  At the start line my friend Bella was going out in front of me with Ben so this gave Lily a target to chase. Count down 5,4,3,2,1..... GoGoGo and we're off and i felt like we were flying, me and lily over took Bella very quickly so we follow the marks round the course which was only meant to be 1 mile but the further we got we soon realised the course hadn't been changed but we carried on to the finish where we got told that unfortunately there had been issues during adult classes with logs being moved on course and the people who where meant to change course before we went out hadn't managed to do both jobs (SDAS could not apologise enough). But me and Lily brought home our first 1st place in a great time of 18:22.74 (no one was sure of the course distance. Now Medal time SDAS are running this seasons championship as individual one day races so there was presentation both day. So we headed home for a good nights rest.

Day Two:

Another early start to the day We left the same time as yesterday but we did see a beautiful sunrise on route. My mum took the car so they didn't have to go round in the van every single time they changed marshals. Not as cold, my race time 12.00pm i was out first in my class, my dad followed me out again on bike but we learnt I'm better running without him behind me, then half away round my shoes came undone (mum needs to learn how to double knot them lol) but i choose not to stop to fastern them as didn't want to lose time. Me and lily came over the finish line strong. When the times have been released I found that I came second.Lily tried hard and she did me proud I'm hoping Ben will let me keep running Lily.



 Photographs by Horses for Courses Photography

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